Monthly Archives: July 2022

Loan against PPF: 7 things to know

1. Loan not available against full depositA PPF account holder is eligible to avail of a loan after the third financial year, although this option is only available until the end of the sixth financial year. However, one cannot avail of a loan for the complete amount. A maximum of 25% of the sum ava...

FAQs on Crypto TDS

As you are aware, as per the recent guidelines issued by the Indian Government, Crypto trades will attract 1% TDS henceforth. These provisions have come into force from 00:00 hrs IST, 1 July 2022. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the new TDS rules: Question 1: Who will deduct tax as T...

TDS on Crypto Currencies

The Finance Bill of 2022 introduced a new section called 194S in the Income-Tax Act, 1961, to levy 1% TDS on any consideration paid for the transfer of Virtual Digital Assets (VDA). Simply put, when you buy any Crypto (Crypto is considered a VDA), you (or the Exchange facilitating this transaction) ...
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